I want to create a type of music which immediately
expresses the sum of the sound memories resting in each of us,
reminiscences of the music that forms the soundtracks of our lives.
A fleeting glimpse of the soundtrack of an imaginary film.

« I want to explore the sonic memories deeply rooted in each of us, like a soundtrack of our lives and of our imagination »
This is how Alban Darche talks about his band L’Orphicube.

« Atomic Flonflons » takes a hard look in the mirror, as a way to speak to us all. The twelve new tracks get your mind looking for old photographs, and stories down memory lane.
Experiences and familiar places blurred by time, become dreamy as if they never existed. Each of us has built a story out of our own lives. The facts are as important as the fiction we fill the blanks with.
That is where « Atomic FlonsFlons » comes from.

Playing with genres, symbols and name-dropping (accordeons, 19th century melodies, Tango, Muzak, Ragtime…) through time and space; the album always clings to memory or a fantasy, whether it’s a European cabaret from the twenties, a Demy soundtrack or Betty Boop’s naughty wink.

Each tracks brings up the strangely familiar. Like a mirage, a game of mirrors and smoke, the straightforward path we’ve been led to is never like we expected it to be. Turning the listening experience into thrilling adventure.
All these recollections do not forget that what we remember the best is usually effortless like a foot stomping to a swinging pulse.

Let’s dance!


“the unique soundtrack of a film with memorable, touching scenes”
All about Jazz, june 2014.
“Truly popular and intelligent”
Citizen Jazz, April 2014.
“Dazzling, an uncommonly dense universe”
Jazz News, April 2014.
“Facetious chamber music”
Jazzman, April 2014.


L’Oiseau Qu’On Voit Chante Sa Plainte 05:19

Paso Doble 03:42

Les Silhouettes 06:20



Alban Darche : Saxophones, clarinet and compositions
Chloé Cailleton : Voice
Nathalie Darche : Piano
Marie-Violaine Cadoret : Violin
Didier Ithursarry : Accordion
Christophe Lavergne : Drums
Sebastien Boisseau : Double bass
Stéphane Payen : Alto Saxophone
Matthieu Donarier : Tenor & Soprano Saxophone
Olivier Laisney : Trumpet


on “Perception instantanée”
Matthieu Donarier : Tenor & Soprano Saxophones
François Ripoche : Tenor Saxophone
Sylvain Rifflet : Tenor Saxophone


on “my Xmas traX”
Emmanuel Birault : Drums
Anne Magouët : Voice
Geoffroy Tamisier : Trumpet


on “1918”
Jon Irabagon : Saxophone
Tim Hagans : Trumpet



Perception instantanée


my Xmas traX




L’OrphiCube est une formation soutenue par la DRAC des Pays de la Loire, la Région des Pays de la Loire, le département de la Loire-Atlantique et la SACEM. L’orchestre fait partie de la fédération Grands Formats.